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American Comfort XJ-100 Refrigerator Air Purifier Ionizer


Get your Refrigerator Back in Shape!
The New American Comfort Refrigerator Air Purifier Ionizer 
is an amazing cordless air purifier that eliminates cross-contamination of food odours in your refrigerator.
It also sterilizes your fridge once every hour, reduces food spoilage and breaks down pesticides on produce.

And because it's small and compact, it's great for closets, bathrooms and vehicles, too. 
Eliminates food odours in your refrigerator by generating negative ions and ozone to remove odours. 
Has two power levels and is compact in size, perfect for the fridge or freezer where odours can linger. 
Dimensions Approx: 12.5cm tall x 6cm wide
Uses four 'C' batteries which are not included.

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