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Crayola - Color Spinout


Crayola; Color Spinout; Marker Art Activity and Art Tool; Spin to Create Colorful Designs; Makes a Great Gift


With the Crayola Color Spinout, kids can create complex kaleidoscopic patterns with just a twist of their wrist. Ideal for creating geometric patterns and floral designs, this versatile art accessory opens up hundreds of design possibilities. All your child needs to do is insert up to three markers into the base unit, adjust the gear arms, crank the handle, and watch as a beautiful pattern comes to life. Designed for kids aged six and up, the Color Spinout offers hours of artistic, imaginative fun.

  • Create colorful designs with a few twists of the wrist with this innovative art tool.
  • Insert a paper disc, choose a marker color, and then crank the handle for amazing colorful patterns.
  • Connect up to 3 markers at once and adjust the arms for different outcomes.
  • Works with Crayola Pip-Squeaks Skinnies markers
  • Includes Base Unit, 40 Paper Discs, Gear Arms, 6 Pip-Squeaks Skinnies Markers, Design Guide and Instructions 

The Crayola Color Spinout lets kids create colorful swirls and patterns without the need for batteries or an electrical outlet. The color combinations and shapes are nearly endless. They can choose a design from the handy guide or experiment with custom combinations and gear arm angles to create a totally unique pattern. Once the design is complete, kids can embellish, color, and display it however they imagine.

With six different colors at their disposal, kids can bring their creations to life in vivid color. Each Pip-Squeaks Skinnies marker features a versatile tip that remains sharp and firm whether they’re using it with the Color Spinout or on its own. The ink washes off most surfaces, so you can clean up easily if your child wanders off the paper while coloring.

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