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Crayola Star Wars - Color Alive Virtual Design Pro Portfolio


Bring imagination to life with the Crayola Virtual Design Pro Star Wars Edition. The convenient portfolio case has everything you need to design your own spaceships, including a design book with templates, markers, and colored pencils. Take designs from paper to virtual reality using the portfolio's included app, which lets you further customize your designs and share your finished ships with family and friends.

  • Bring your Star Wars spaceship designs to life with these art tools and free app
  • Color your designs, scan them with the app on your Android or iOS device and then animate it
  • App lets you customize designs and share via email
  • Includes free app, 20 page design book and 12 short colored pencils and 12 Pip-Squeak markers
  • Storage box helps keep all your designs organized

The Crayola Virtual Design Pro Star Wars Edition includes a variety of creativity materials for designing your own spaceships. A design book with templates lets you sketch ideas for your ships, using the provided colored pencils and markers. The portfolio case helps keep everything organized and in one place.

The templates included with the Crayola Virtual Design Pro Star Wars Edition help bring an expert touch to spaceship designs. Plus you can virtually customize ship designs for an even more lifelike result. Designs that start on the page become more realistic with the details you can add using the portfolio's drawing tools and virtual customization.

The free app included with the Crayola Virtual Design Pro Star Wars Edition helps bring your paper spaceship designs and ideas to life. Use the app with iOS and Android smartphones and devices. Additional templates for even more spaceship creations can also be printed from the app. To check specific device compatibility, visit the official website

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