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Down To Earth All In One Dishwashing Tablet 42 Pack


3 x Down To Earth All In One Dishwashing Tablet 14 Tablet Packs

Why Should I Buy This? Dirty dishes is a thing of the past, say hello to shiny clean dishes every wash. DOWN TO EARTH Dishwashing Tablets for Sparkling Clean Dishes, you will see no more stains and greasy dishes around the house. It is a premium dishwashing product that penetrates through the greasiest, dirtiest dishes without any hassle, just add one tablet in your dishwasher and watch the magic happen. Keep your dishes shinier, drier and spot-free with Down To Earth Dishwasher tablets! It is formulated to remove grease and food residue off your dishes with the best results that is so visible. They are biodegradable, phosphate free with dissolvable wrapper.

Product Features:

  • Down To Earth PK14 Dishwashing Tablets for sparkling clean dishes
  • Contents: 3 x 14 tablets (42 Tablets)
  • Removes grease, dirt, water marks, detergent in a breeze
  • Leaves your dishes shinier, cleaner, drier and magically stunning
  • Brilliant results and cleaner environment


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