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Drion Night Sanitary Pads - 8 Pads - Multisaver 3 Pack


3 Packs of 8 - 280 mm thick sanitary pads for night use.

Function chip composite: Anion products, special functions include:

1.    Anion-Prohibit bacterial invasion

2.    Far-IR

Anion products have 8 layers of construction:

1. Cotton smooth non-woven (better absorbency which gives ultra comfort)

2. Woven cloth anion chip (effectively enhances anti-bacterial capabilities)

3. Air-laid paper wrapped

4. Super absorbent polymer

5. Unique and exclusive padding (absorption well-balanced, further preventing side leakage)

6. Air- laid paper wrapped

7. Breathable and comfortable bottom layer

8. Release paper (back adhesive restrain, comfort with female ergonomics)

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