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Foldable & Portable Cool Chilly Bag Blue Multi-Saver 2 Pack


2 x Blue Foldable & Portable Cool Chilly Bags

A super-stylin' way to keep your cold beverages chilled desk/deck/beach side.
Keep your beverages nice and chilled. Take with you on any outdoor escapade. Kick back with a cold bevvy after a hard day.

While it's not always easy to keep your cool, you can make sure your drinks never lose theirs.

Grab a cool chilly bag just in time for summer.
Nothing says,  I'm being so discreet and yet totally obvious at the same time, like sipping your beverage out of a brown paper bag. Amp up the cool factor and grab a foldable portable drink cooler. Comes with a steel bottle opener, so you will be all set for nice cold beverages.


  • Insulated to keep drinks cool
  • Easily fit 12 beers
  • Lightweight
  • Two comfortable handles
  • Folds up to save space

Height: 22cm, diameter: 48cm

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