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Green Trading Organic Fertiliser Neem Granules 500 gm


Green Trading Organic Neem Tree Granules - 500 gm bag

Neem tree granules are the residue of organic neem seed kernels after the extraction of neem oil, they are known as the ‘King’ among other organic fertilisers due to their high Azadirachtin content and high NPK value. 

Green Trading organic neem granules accelerate root development and the overall plant growth protects the plant from soil-borne pathogens and pests including grass grubs. It contains organic matter only with no contaminants.  Use it to enrich the soils natural nutritional elements. These granules are harmless to earthworms and are pet safe. They keep slugs and snails away.

USDA, OMRI and IFOAM certified.

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