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Head & Shoulders Mens Extra Strengthening Tonic With Caffeine 100ml - Multi-Saver 2 Pack


2 x Head & Shoulders Mens Extra Strengthening Tonic With Caffeine 100ml

Strong and healthy hair starts from the scalp. Our Hair Retain Tonic has an advanced strengthening formula, infused with Caffeine and vitamins. It nourishes the scalp and is designed to thicken each individual hair strand (non-permanent hair thickening). 3 signs of hair strength in use: Thicker, Fuller, More Resilient Hair.

How it works:

  1. The tonic nourishes the scalp, keeping it in good condition for stronger hair.
  2. Works on the surface and inside the hair fibers. Helps to increase the diameter of each hair strand (non-permanent hair thickening) to improve hair resilience.
  3. Boosts hair fullness, starting at the root. Non drip formula. Dries instantly. Light on hair. 

See the results: From the 1st use: hair feels instantly thicker and stronger (non-permanent hair thickening).
After 15 uses: Scalp is moisturized and hair looks fuller. With regular use hair fall caused by breakage is reduced.

Instructions for use:

Use daily on wet or dry hair. Part your hair in different places and spray tonic on scalp 3 times along each part line. Repeat until you've covered most of the scalp. Apply approximately 15 pumps in total to scalp and massage gently to boost blood circulation. Style your hair as usual. Can be used on color-treated hair.

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