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Lift n Slide Easy Mover


Forget the protein shakes and weight lifting, you can now multiply your strength to move around your household furniture with the Lift N Slide The Easy Mover. Super-simple to use and perfect for one-person re-arranging, the Lift N Slide The Easy Mover let's you move bulky and heavy pieces in 3 simple steps; insert lifter, tilt back furniture and insert sliders. Simple as pie!

3 Easy Steps:
1.Insert lifter tool under furniture edges.
2.Tilt back to lift furniture easily.
3.Slip the sliders in four corners.

Lift N Slide The Easy Mover
Move furniture without the strain!
Simple to use.
Takes only 3 easy steps.
Multiply your strength!
Comes with four corner sliders.
Simple to use tilting tool.

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