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Natural Areca Leaves Round Plate 25cm 10 Pack



Areca Plates are 100% natural palm leaf plates. The production process doesn’t require added chemicals or heavy infrastructure. After the use the plates can be left to the ground where they compost in around two months. The plates can be also burned without the fear of releasing chemicals.

Natural production process

The leaves of the areca palm tree (Areca Catechu) are picked up from the ground, soaked in hot water and compressed to a form of a design plate between two hot casts. When the plate cools down it will harden to a form which can endure even a bit harder use.

The production process doesn’t require cutting or harming of the trees. The production process is natural and environmental friendly from beginning the end.

Durable and natural material

In looks and functionality the material has wood like qualities. It will durable without bending a greater force, it resists heat and the texture of the leaf offers aesthetic and natural looks.

1 x 10 Pack 20cm Natural Areca Leaves Round Plate

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