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Pyrolux Pyrocast Oval Sizzle Plate With Maple Tray 27cm x 18cm


Pyrocast cookware combines the toughness of heavy duty cast iron with the elegance of food presentation.

Pyrocast is suitable for all levels of culinary skills from the humble home chef, to the professional restaurant kitchens, even the adventurous camper.

Suitable for all cooktops and campfires, Pyrocast enables hot sizzling dishes to be taken straight to the table.

• Ideal for home, restaurants or camping.
• For use on induction, ceramic, electric, gas, grills or campfires.
• All cast iron comes with black patina - a pre-seasoning of oil to prevent rusting.
• Heavy duty cast iron.
• Cast iron cookware retains heat at high cooking temperatures ideal for searing,sauting and grilling.
• Serve hot sizzling dishes straight to the table.

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