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Vacuum Compression Bags Large

Vacuum Compression Bags Large


A REAL Spacesaver - these Compression Bags save up to 75% packing space.
Space-saving and clean method in protecting all kinds of fabrics, bed sheets, quilts, comforters, pillows, cushions, curtains, shirts, jackets, jumpers etc.
The unique double zip locks seal completely by using the supplied sliding clip.

Reusable, airtight and waterproof, 2 bag sizes available:

Large: 98cm x 68cm - clear

Small: 60cm x 50cm - patterned

Only remove the small outer screw cap.
Removal of the whole cap may result in the small clear valve seal to drop out.
This clear valve is needed for the bags to be used correctly.
Note: only the outer cap should be unscrewed, and the protective seal then automatically closes the valve when you remove the vacuum nozzle.

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